Deep Networks

My implementations of deep neural networks for practice


A command line tool to decompress snappy files produced by Hadoop


Utilities to convert exported Anobii CSV files to Goodreads

Open Source Contributions

My open source contributions, which are mostly PRs sent via GitHub

CS Dream

An open book that introduces computer science to the general audience

Dala Agent

An agent to play the Dala game, learned with genetic algorithms


An two-player maze game implemented with PCM7230 and Openmoko Neo FreeRunner


An Arkanoid-like game using Verilog. Developed on a Xilinx Spartan-3E Starter Kit FPGA Board, XC3S500E FG320.

FreeArray Input Method

An Array30 input method implementation under Linux using IBus


A novel website created in 2005, which won 1st Prize in Acer Digital Innovation Award